11 Benefits of Hair Extensions

Women everywhere struggle with bad hair days and often attempt to hide their hair with hats,
scarves or hair ties. During times like these, extensions can be as lifesavers! They look
extremely natural and blend in seamlessly with your real hair color. Moreover, they revive dull
hair and are a quick and easy fix for bad hair days. Below are the numerous benefits using

1) Adding Body to Dull Hair
Extensions add luscious volume to flat and lifeless hair. They can be attached to the roots of
your scalp, immediately covering up any bald spots or areas that have thin hair. They can be
matched to your new hair highlights and any colors. They give you “perfect” hair, like those
models in shampoo and conditioner commercials. Your hair will have the appearance similar
to that of being styled by a hairdresser every day.

2) Variety of Color Options
Extensions come in all sorts of colors, giving you unlimited choices to be bold! They are perfect
for those who are bored with their natural hair and want to try a new color without fully
committing. In such a case, you’re free to experiment with a lighter or darker hair color without
it being permanent. They come with different colors and they can look like hair highlights.
Further, extensions can provide a means for color correction as well. Using hair extensions is a
good option for color correction by covering up miscolored natural hair.

3) Variety of Styling Options
Hair extensions allow you the ability to easily change up your style depending on the occasion.
Some occasions call for long hair, such as when you want an up-do; while other occasions like
a girls’ night out call for shorter more casual hair. Whatever the case maybe, opting to get
extensions can give you numerous styling options, each different from the last.

4) Providing Easy Maintenance
They are extremely easy to maintain and clean. For example, by simply brushing your
extensions after every use, you can significantly increase their longevity. Further, extensions, for
the most part, do not require any special brushes, they can be combed using the same hairbrush
you would use on your natural hair. Brushing them doesn’t require any special skill either,
you can brush them using the same method as you would while brushing your own.

5) Viable Option after Hair Stops Growing!
Extensions are a great option for women who struggle to grow their hair out after it reaches a
certain measure. Moreover, after your hair reaches its maximum length it can become dry and
have split ends, making a wig the most viable option. Extensions can save the day by adding
luscious locks to your hair, hiding both the dryness and split ends.

6) Protect Your Natural Hair
False hair are either sewn-in or attached to the scalp using glue. Both these methods offer
extensive protection to your natural hair by acting as a barrier and blocking harmful chemicals
found in hair products from reaching your hair. Generally, natural hair tends to suffer great
damage over time due to overexposure to hair styling equipment and hair products alike. Years
of curling, straightening and spraying can leave hair dry and damaged. Luckily, by using
extensions you can avoid further damaging your natural hair, and style and spray the extensions

7) No Long-Term Commitment
Hair extensions are a great option for women who thrive on change. They are designed for short
term usage and can be traded in for a different look at any time. For example, after normal hair
highlights most people have to wait months to be able to put safely a new color. Usually, when
you get a haircut or a new style you’re stuck with it until your hair grows back in again. However,
with extensions you are free to keep the style and cut for as long or short period of time.

8) Affordable for all Budgets
Extensions are a practical and economic purchase for all types of budgets. Whether you’re
looking for modest extensions or expensive over-the-top ones, just know that there are options!
For those looking to change up their look while saving a few bucks, semi-permanent extensions
are a great option. Similarly, there for options for those looking to splurge on the most natural
and softest extensions. No matter what your budget, extensions are sure to satisfy you without
burning a hole in your pocket.

9) Everything Friendly
Hair extensions are often assumed to be reserved for special occasions only. However, this is far
from the truth, they can be worn all day and during all activities. You can work out, attend formal
events, go for a girl’s night out and even swim in. No matter what activity you’re doing, you can
look great doing it 100% of the time with reliable extensions. They are designed and attached to
your scalp in a way so as to allow you to do everything you could do with your natural hair.

10) Free Movement
Extensions will never weigh you down or add extra pressure on your head or neck. They are
designed to be as lightweight and free-flowing as your natural hair.

11) Confidence and Glamor Combined
Women often experience low self-esteem due to bad hair and bad hair days. They are aimed
at solving this problem and giving women back their spark. Enhancing yourself and your natural
features can do wonders for your self-confidence. If ever you have felt the need to hide your hair
under a scarf, headband or tie it up in a ponytail, they can help you feel glamorous again.
Extensions give you silky smooth locks that you will never have to hide under hair accessories again!

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