Nail Care

Never underestimate the trans-formative powers of a manicure or pedicure. You can choose from a variety of options that align with any time frame or style you have in mind. We provide maintenance polish changes to have you in and out in time to meet the girls for dinner or thorough pedicures that implement the most luxurious exfoliating and hydrating techniques to maximize your relaxation. The perfect nail service awaits you here at Elite Edge Salon & Spa.

Manicure – $20
Hands are soaked in a luxurious hand bath, nails re-shaped and cleaned, then we use a heavy moisturizer to soften and moisturize your hands. Finished with a polish of your choice.

Spa Manicure – $35
A European Manicure, where dry skin is exfoliated from hands followed by a massage with aromatherapy oils and sealed with paraffin wax gloves. This improves elasticity, softness and color to your hands and cuticles. Finished with a polish of your choice or a healthy buff finish.

French Manicure – $25
A French Manicure consists of nails with a pink or nude color and white tips. Your technician begins by buffing and filing your nails. A wash of pink or nude color is painted on your nails, and the tips are painted white to give them the classic French look.

No Chip Manicure – $35
Strong, beautiful nails are manicured and covered with a no chip application that lasts up to 2 weeks.

Paraffin Handfix – $15
Your hands are massaged with a moisturizing cream and then brushed with warm paraffin wax. As the wax hardens, the moisturizer is penetrating the skin for deep moisturizing. The herbs in the paraffin wax are also very beneficial.

Buff and Polish – $10
Your hands are treated with great care while your nails are gently buffed to a high shine, and then a nail polish color of your choice is added.

Polish Change – $10
Don’t try and do it yourself if you are in a hurry! Call today to schedule a quick color change.

Hot Mitts Only – $5
Relax while you wait for your next service or, add this onto a manicure to help soften your hands.

Pedicure – $35
We begin by soaking your feet in a relaxing foot bath. After the skin is softened, we put a luxurious foot scrub on and massage it in. Then, the dry skin is filed away and we apply a polish of your choice.

Spa Pedicure – $50
Your feet are relaxed in a therapeutic foot whirlpool and then treated to a special healing pedicure. An exfoliating scrub, followed by aromatherapy oil, prepares the feet for an indulgent mask or to be sealed in an optional paraffin boot. For the finishing touch you have your choice of a nail color or a healthy buff finish.

The Seasonal Signature Pedicure – $50
Indulge your feet with the soothing, rejuvenating touch of the sea. This 5-step technique begins with a foaming sea soak foot bath, and then exfoliates with sea scrub. Cuticles are erased and surfaces are buffed smooth, then your feet receive a toning marine masque. Next, your feet & legs to the knee are treated to a moisturizing massage and afterwards a beautiful finish with nail color or natural buff.

Foot Polish Change – $10
If you received your pedicure here within the last week, your polish change is only $5!